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Website development

You are offered

  • Acceptable prices
  • High quality

The work is laid out on a test server (step by step or end result - depending on the agreement) .
In this way, the customer can control the quality of execution .

The final settlement after the completion of the entire scope of work and customer revisions . Prepayment by agreement.

HTML and СSS coding

  • Adaptive
  • Valid

The site will be well displayed on all types of devices - mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.

The quality of the code is checked on the services W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

Development site on CMS Wordpress

The most popular content management system.

The site can be developed on a content management system (CMS) "Wordpress". This CMS is actively developing. Over 30 percent of all Internet sites, powered by it.

"Wordpress" provides maximum convenience in creating and editing site materials.

Optimization and refinement of already existing sites

  • Increase site download

  • Сompress scripts and pictures

Download speed is one of the most important parameters of the site affecting the ranking of the site search engines. It can be verified by a series of online services: "PageSpeed", "Pingdom" and others.

An increase in the speed of loading a soite is achieved by compressing images and scripts, as well as due to small structural changes.

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